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19″ Hankook Ventus RS3 on Forgestar F14

July 21st, 2011 by ctonews

Forgestar came through with a set of 19″ F14 wheels so we could mount some sticky 19″ Hankook Ventus RS3 tires on what Carl calls his “practice car”.

The RS3 tires are a perfect fit since they are Hankook’s Porsche 997 GT3 setup and the rears stretch nicely over the 12×19 rear wheels:

Front: 235/35ZR19

Rear: 305/30ZR19

Carl claims that equipped with these tires, the Porsche will be able to beat the laptimes he set in Redline Time Attack racing the City Tire 350Z (also on Hankook RS3 tires). That means FAST so it’s not exactly a humble statement. We are excited to see the results so stay tuned to find out which car wins!

Check the pics out!

test_r5o4925.jpg test_r5o4894.jpg test_r5o4943.jpg test_r5o4870.jpg

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Formula Drift – Wall, New Jersey 2011

July 15th, 2011 by john

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Practice on Friday was eventful with the freak thunderstorm that rolled in on us. Our flags stood tall and FD drivers took shelter wherever they could find it.

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Luckily, we had the nice umbrellas laying around. The models were putting them to great use as the rain was still trickling down during poster signings.


Saturday was clear and everyone was lining up for burnt rubber, Hankook giveaways and autographed posters.


“Who wants a Hankook hat?” Big crowd around our area as usual. All waiting for the best hats in motorsports!


Models stayed busy signing shirts, posters, and taking photos with the crowd. And as many have been asking, our shark made it to NJ and will be around for Formula Drift – Seattle next week!


Team Hankook’s first victory of the year came with some awesome driving from Conrad Greunwald and the awesome Hankook Camaro. Even Sharky was proud to be a champion on this fine day.

Stopped by Times Square on Sunday for a little NY sightseeing and ran into a giant Hankook billboard.

Team Hankook / City Tire Service will make its next appearance in Seattle next week, July 22nd – 23rd.

Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA

*Special thanks to Alycia for taking photos for us in NJ.

*And thanks to Larry Chen of for the great rain shots.

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Formula Drift – Palm Beach 2011

July 6th, 2011 by john

We don’t catch Marlin in Florida we catch Sharks! The newest member to our team will travel for the rest of the season!


Our set up looked great with the clouds in the sky. Palm Beach weather was fantastic. 


Models Nichole and Lisa were enjoying signing posters with Hankook sponsored driver Chris Forsberg. 


Forsberg’s car was looking mean and ready for the event! 

Nothing excites a crowd like Free Hats in the air! 


Loaded with work our crew worked through the night so that all the Hankook drivers would be ready to go and smoke some tires for the weekend.

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Carl’s 5th race in 24H of Nuerburgring: “Sweet but too short!”

July 6th, 2011 by ctonews

Carl’s 5th anniversary in the 24H of Nuerburgring went down with a German Porsche team, Steam Racing. We met the team briefly in 2009 when Carl raced there in the Hankook Levin Racing Porsche 996 GT3 RSR, since those teams shared the pitbox that time.

Carl repping us and Hankook

Everything looked pretty good in the SP7 class, the team had a race setup on the car which gave Carl’s team a middle of the class laptime in qualifying – but given several other cars were RSR Porsches on qualifying setup, the Cup car had an edge of less fuel consumption and usually, great reliability.

The race started on a wet track with a drizzle, Michael (regular from Steam Racing) started with a short stint and with the experience of this team, they came in to fuel 1 lap before the whole pack of 200 cars started to pit (which usually causes a big stir and usually problems reaching to fuel rigs and more or less traffic jam to get out of the pits). Carl went out clear after a fast pit stop. He was on the same rain tires as they started on and conditions changed between wet to drying track during his stint.

Carl said “It was tricky to push in these conditions, because either it was wet or there were a few miles of drying raceline, in which the wet tires would get very hot. That’s a very treacherous situation as overheated wets become super inconsistent to race on, so you have to keep them just on the limit and find wet sections on the straights to cool them off. A hard brake duel in the dry for instance, will instantly fry the wet tires and it takes a long time for them to come back from that. I was on the radio with the team and we considered dry tires after a few laps but right then came a new shower so I stayed out there and kept adapting to the ever changing conditionss. I’m very impressed with the team being very cool and calm, their experience with tire strategy and conditions on the Nordschleife really showed.”

Racing on, Carl set the fastest time for the team in these conditions before pitting.

After Carl handed over to co-driver Jim, relatively new to the Nurburgring, the car went two laps before reports came from the track that the car had been in an accident – and it had. Another car had impacted the Steam Racing Porsche and sent it into the guard rails. Normally, a quick fix of control arms would have the team back in the race in no time, but the impact struck so bad it damaged the mounts for the suspension arms, and the half-shaft transferred the force to the gearbox case which showed cracks. With that much damage, there is no point carrying on as the repairs will take too much time to even have the slighest shot at a good finish position.

Massive line-up, here Carl’s Porsche next to the new SLS GT3. 

Bad luck for the guys who otherwise were climbing fast in the changing conditions!

“Total bummer”, Carl commented, “but what can you do. It was really aggressive out there, and a lot of the time just racing the car and track had to go on Nordschleife-experience, like autopilot, just to handle the traffic. It really demands all you have as a driver, it’s such a sweet feeling to race at this track”.

But we know that the team is planning some other cool European GT races and we believe Carl will be back in this car soon.

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Formula Drift – Atlanta 2011

May 9th, 2011 by john

Team Hankook / City Tire Service loves Atlanta.

Our setup for FD – Atlanta 2011 this past weekend

Our lovely models Nicole and Lisa were having a great time meeting all the fans.

We love this track. Its a great course and a very fan friendly track where you can see everything from almost any seat. People take it very seriously here and set up very early in the morning.

 Certainly the most beautiful day we have experienced here.

Our crowd was definitely insane and we loved them back with Hankook bags, lanyards, hats, banners, posters and autographs! Come by next time and check out what all the hype is about. Thank you Atlanta for the good times!


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