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December 2017
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Formula Drift – Wall, New Jersey 2011

July 15th, 2011 by john

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Practice on Friday was eventful with the freak thunderstorm that rolled in on us. Our flags stood tall and FD drivers took shelter wherever they could find it.

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Luckily, we had the nice umbrellas laying around. The models were putting them to great use as the rain was still trickling down during poster signings.


Saturday was clear and everyone was lining up for burnt rubber, Hankook giveaways and autographed posters.


“Who wants a Hankook hat?” Big crowd around our area as usual. All waiting for the best hats in motorsports!


Models stayed busy signing shirts, posters, and taking photos with the crowd. And as many have been asking, our shark made it to NJ and will be around for Formula Drift – Seattle next week!


Team Hankook’s first victory of the year came with some awesome driving from Conrad Greunwald and the awesome Hankook Camaro. Even Sharky was proud to be a champion on this fine day.

Stopped by Times Square on Sunday for a little NY sightseeing and ran into a giant Hankook billboard.

Team Hankook / City Tire Service will make its next appearance in Seattle next week, July 22nd – 23rd.

Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA

*Special thanks to Alycia for taking photos for us in NJ.

*And thanks to Larry Chen of for the great rain shots.

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Formula Drift – Palm Beach 2011

July 6th, 2011 by john

We don’t catch Marlin in Florida we catch Sharks! The newest member to our team will travel for the rest of the season!


Our set up looked great with the clouds in the sky. Palm Beach weather was fantastic. 


Models Nichole and Lisa were enjoying signing posters with Hankook sponsored driver Chris Forsberg. 


Forsberg’s car was looking mean and ready for the event! 

Nothing excites a crowd like Free Hats in the air! 


Loaded with work our crew worked through the night so that all the Hankook drivers would be ready to go and smoke some tires for the weekend.

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Formula Drift – Atlanta 2011

May 9th, 2011 by john

Team Hankook / City Tire Service loves Atlanta.

Our setup for FD – Atlanta 2011 this past weekend

Our lovely models Nicole and Lisa were having a great time meeting all the fans.

We love this track. Its a great course and a very fan friendly track where you can see everything from almost any seat. People take it very seriously here and set up very early in the morning.

 Certainly the most beautiful day we have experienced here.

Our crowd was definitely insane and we loved them back with Hankook bags, lanyards, hats, banners, posters and autographs! Come by next time and check out what all the hype is about. Thank you Atlanta for the good times!


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Formula D Long Beach April 10th 2010

April 12th, 2010 by john


As most of you know, we will not be running our 350Z this year in Formula Drift. We do still support many of the drivers with tire and service from City Tire. But I wanted to take this oppurtunity to grab some tickets and go out to Long Beach to be a spectator. Laid back, great weather and crowd and cheering on all of our friends competing this year. One of them being Formula Drift Rookie Fredric Aasbo from Norway. He was killin’ it all weekend and easily became a crowd favorite finishing 4th!!! Great job Fredric!!


Many new cars and teams in their first debut on the track. On the left is Joon Maeng driving the Full Tilt – Bergonholtz RX8 from last year. On the right is Conrad Gruenwald in the brand spankin’ new Hankook Camaro. In my opinion the best looking car in Formula Drift. <3 


Sam was in the new Charger, showing phenominal control in that giant beast. Jarod (Formula D announcer) hyping up the crowd.


All day people were getting crazy with this wall, scraping all over it. Andy Yen (Formula D Judge) approves.


In the end it was J.R. taking first blood. Round 1 Champ was elated! Congrats to Falken, Ford Racing, and J.R.! Great way to start the season.

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Top Drift Round 1 @WSIR Oval – March 21st

March 23rd, 2010 by john


On the same weekend of XDC, we packed up and went straight to Top Drift Round 1 in Willow Springs for Sundays competition. Super busy weekend, thanks to our entire crew for making it happen. With fresh tires on all the cars were lined up for qualifying. 


The judges Henry Schelley, Hiro Sumida, and Justin Pawlak were awaiting to sort out the top 16, and here they are! 


Now we are ready for some tandem. Great battles!!! Many of the XDC drivers made it out so the competition was fierce. Charlie O was a busy man on this Sunday.


 In the end, David Briggs.. yes the Canadian guy that won XDC takes it home! Great weekend for him. Big Congrats for the weekend sweep. Not easy to do with guys like Ryan Kado and Steve Chan driving against you.


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