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March 2009
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Stretching Tires

March 26th, 2009 by john

We often get asked if we stretch tire. And yes we do, How? Like this:

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Archie’s EvoX on CE28N Formula Silver

March 11th, 2009 by john


For many that have asked what the Formula Silver looks like…. Here it is! Archie’s Evo on 19×10.5 CE28N wrapped with Falken FK452’s 275/35R19 all the way around. Took some work to get the fitment right. Fender work and making adjustments inside the wheel well, were minimal work compared to how beautiful it sits now!


Once the coilovers settled in, he had Luis (The one with the White STI with Gold SSR wheels) take some hot shots of the whip. Nice aggressive stance that most Evo owners would be proud of!


And of course… the rolling shots. Archie has been looking to get more exposure of his car, so for you Car Mag people… Hit us up anytime if you want this sick Evo on any publication or website.

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Top Drift 2009 Round 1 SEASON OPENER! Balcony WSIR

March 2nd, 2009 by john


Season Opener for Top Drift 2009 ( was at Willow Springs, CA on the Balcony Course.

A well organized event that brought out the best amateur competitors out to try and win some of the great prizes that Just Drift has picked up for 2009. And most importantly, the Top Drift competition has been sanctioned by Formula Drift ( to grant a minimum of 3 Pro licenses at the end of this season! 



 We were out there in full force! Lots of tire changing needed for this event as the competition was fierce. They were going through a lot of tires, even for a course like Balcony which has a reputation of being kind to tires. I never really get to thank our crew too much on our blog…. BIG THANKS TO OSCAR AND INES! Thank you for taking off your relaxing weekends to come support all the grassroots drifters. It couldn’t be done without them!



 Jeri (yellow Z) a first time competitor with some rally background in his youth did surprisingly well in qualifying, all he needed to qualify next time would of been some nicer tires. Really bad understeering on his beat up tires. Mike Essa (RX-7 FC) was killin it as always. Every time he was ready to go, people heard the roaring LS motor, and would ran to the the fences to peep his runs. Good stuff!



 Matt Powers (green 240sx) took 2nd place in ProAm qualifying. He is damn near amazing to watch at Balcony, guy is so sick to be using Advan Neovas in the REAR! (

Forrest Wang was also showing the nice wide line in his freshly painted black 240sx.



 Taka Aono, Henry Schelley, and Hiro Sumida had a really tough time judging. So many more than 16 drivers had great runs to make it. Those that did are shown here. Congrats!



 Top 16 lined up! Since all 16 cars had cages and met regulations, for the first time in Topdrift history, we would square the Top 16 off in head to head Tandem Battle! Not 1 person objected to the decision… so it was on! Here is Cyrus and Forrest going head to head in the first battle. They had to go one more time, it was a crazy match right off the bat! It set the tone to the following competitors that this would not be easy. Great tandem runs all day.



 Nice Sticker placement by Jack Hsu ( one of our CTO drivers. Both of our drivers were able to get to Top 16, Jack and Carl Rydquist ( Jack did a great job, and it was a really close call in a battle with Mike Bolanos.

Carl Advanced to Top 8 and was beat by Forrest Wang in the following round where he said “Hello” to a hay bale! They did a great job, we are very pleased.

This was Jack’s first competition, and Carl’s first real outing with the Red 350Z. Thanks for representing CTO!



Forrest and Matt battled it out in the finals. It was a difficult one to call with Forrest eventually coming up with the win. Congrats to Forrest in 1st place, Matt for 2nd, and most of all Mickie Frial for taking 3rd place podium finish in a BORROWED car that was blowing fumes all afternoon! Great driving guys.



After the individual competition, it was time for the Team Drift Competition. It was really exciting to watch. Fast and close, and I mean door to door action.

After the team competition, it was open practice, where our CTO drivers got to drive together for the first time. They were really going after it.

Top Drift Rd.1 was the most exciting competition that we had yet to participate in. Thank you to Just Drift for raising the bar for amateur competition. Grassroots looks to be making a huge comeback in 2009.  Charlie of Just Drift did announce that Top Drift Rd.2 could be moved from HTM to Viva Las Vegas!  



This competition was “Moto” approved. But after a long day of helping out at the track, dude was ready to go home…

See ya next round and big thanks to Just Drift, the drivers, spectators, and all of the Top Drift Sponsors for 2009:

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