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August 2009
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APR and AIT part 2 of 3: The Photoshoot

August 28th, 2009 by carl

Ok, here’s the deal: The official pics from this shoot, with all the new AIT Racing parts and the wicked APR GTC carbon fiber wing, with slightly expanded Kallusive graphics, will be coming out later (I’ll let you know when and where), but how bout I post a sneak peak from the shoot here, right now (caught by Kallusive)…
Sure, I’m pretty biased but this Z looks just right – fast, full of purpose and with a pretty innovative design.

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APR and AIT part 1 of 3: The Next Level

August 28th, 2009 by carl

When I went to Germany and spent some time back in the ‘Porsche shoes’, the City Tire / Kallusive Clothing 350Z Twin Turbo got some good work done to it after Formula Drift in Atlanta. We cancelled New Jersey due to the 24H and to work on getting the car up to top notch; City Tire went on a weight loss mission on the car and AIT Racing fitted carbon fiber doors (they feel like they have the weight of regular post stamps – amazing), a new hood and hatch, new sleek sideskirts and a new front. Even more panels to come from them in the future so watch out as we’re getting lighter!

All in all a very noticeable reduction in weight, the car got much better to drive, more agile and definitely much more responsive to any input. I very much recommend doing this on any Z used for grip or drift, the performance improvement is just huge.

From APR we got another great performance improvement – a GTC carbon fiber rear wing. A lot of people have been against the usage of a wing on their drift car, however I guess it all comes down to the overall setup of each and every car, weight distribution, spring, shock, swaybar settings, suspension design, tire choice. On our testing session, I was so happy I can’t even tell you, it was such a relief to get this thing on the car, finally getting the car to behave like I want it to! Definitely leaped forward to the famous Next Level.

The GTC wing itself is very impressive, pretty huge and with great aerodynamic data on paper already, and when using it in real life, only minor changes to the wing attack angle completely changed the behavior of the car and therefore it got very direct and easy to setup since it is immediately noticeable when we got too much downforce on the rear end, or too little.

Also props here to our buddy Justin who made a very serious chassis mounted wing installation, with the mounts going through the hatch. Here’s a vid from one of the testing runs with the new parts, this is before we cleaned the car up and got it ready for a cool photoshoot ahead of Vegas (pics to come from that one).

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Carl teaching some basic track tricks on how to go fast – and having fun

August 28th, 2009 by ctonews

We could tell after the the museum stuff and Supercar Sunday, that our pro driver Carl was getting really hungry to get onto the track again, so we weren’t surprised to hear he was heading out to Auto Club Speedway with his pristine daily driver, despite him saying he didn’t really want to track it “nah, the car’s in a little too nice condition”. But it turned out our Scandinavian ASB friend Danny was going to learn how to drive his new toy car, a 996 Carrera, and of course Carl couldn’t not be Mr Nice Guy and join his buddy at the track, maybe to help out with some rear-engine driver instructing. So off they went and to be honest we are not so sure about how much Carl really taught Danny, seems like he just toy-ed around like this all day …

Sportscar driving basics with Carl Rydquist from City Tire Online on Vimeo.

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Not sure what to do on a Sunday?

August 28th, 2009 by ctonews

Carl checked something out when he came back from Germany. Headed out to Calabasas to an informal car show called “Supercar Sunday”. It was started around sportscar people making stopovers during Sunday cruises at this nice little coffee shop out there, and these days there’s a pretty good turnout, especially last Sunday each month. Lots of cars coming and going, aside from Ferraris, Lambos, Porsches, Vipers, Beemers, Corvettes there’s some rare stuff as well, like some oldschool Vector supercars, Ultima GTR, Alfa Romeo Bertone Coupes etc. Not too many Silvias thou and not one single Corolla. Show up at 9 to not miss anything and make sure to drive responsibly on the back roads up there.

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Next stop Porsche

August 28th, 2009 by ctonews

Carl’s next stop was pretty predictable… Words unnecessary?

Ok, done talking, let him drive, please.

Sweet line-up. Any of these will do.

No one does it better (911 Turbo). At least that’s what Carl thinks *lol*

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