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September 2009
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APR and AIT part 3 of 3: The Reward

September 13th, 2009 by carl

Ok boys and girls, after having done two Formula D events, we took a great step forward in my 3rd ever Formula D event which was Las Vegas, by qualifying 7th(!). I think we can be pretty proud over how fast this small team, with great support from friends and sponsors, has gotten a whole lot of things right with the car.

It was a truly eventful weekend again, just like at Long Beach when everything was new but made top 32 first time in FD, and at Atlanta when the gearbox was completely gone by qualifying (I was lucky to pull it off anyway with some creative driving to make top 32). That time we swapped the gearbox until 5 in the morning and made some good tandem runs against Darren MacNamara who went on to podium.

By the time Las Vegas came around, we had developed and setup the car to a level where it was finally like it should be to drive. We had an amazing team effort just before qualifying, as the rear camber and toe arms snapped when I was scrubbing off the tires for my first qualifying run. Just like that. Wow. Glad that didn’t happen during a run on the course.

To fix it before qualifying run 2, evveryone went in different directions to get stuff or get hold of people. Not easy with almost everyone out on the grid! Forsberg offered up one arm, we got a welding machine from Rene’s Motorsports, but where is any sufficient power to run it??? Dynamics came to the rescue on that one. Now, who can weld aluminum..! Rene himself showed up, clock ticking fast now. Most cars had done qualifying run number 1… With express speed our super tech Oskar got the arms on, I barely had time to get the helmet and seatbelts sorted out. In my head – one shot only, zone out everything else.

Like mentioned, with the APR and AIT parts and a well needed diet on the car, I was finally able to make full use of the grippy and smoky Hankook RS3-tires we run on, and drive like I wanted to in Vegas, not just trying to overcome difficult car behavior. This was also a new track layout – for everyone! This gave equal chances to all newcomers in FD when the teams and drivers who have been in FD many seasons before had no setups to get a head start with, or any previous track experience here.

Didn’t take long for the qualifying score summary to come up and there we go, 87.5p! This was a big reward for all the work so far, finally. Now we know. For SURE.

Here’s a video of the second half of the qualifying (if someone has a full video from qualifying including the 86mph entry let me know and I will post it up).

Carl Rydquist Las Vegas Round 4 Formula D qualifying run from City Tire Online on Vimeo.

Later; ran some practice, followed a slow car who lost the drift, later lined up with Dai. Left some space, but grip had rapidly disappeared and still being close to the edge, I tapped the tire wall. The team got some work on their hands but car was fine for warm-up.

Next day – warmup. Now it was pretty well known it was getting slippery out there, many cars had brushed or hit the wall. This fact and rememering the close call last night I took it easy, lower revs and initated really early… but believe me I was seriously surprised over literally no grip at all, not just low grip, really really no grip. Couldn’t get speed to scrub off enough. A mix of factors left me needing an additional 2 car lengths, this would have been enough to avoid hitting the wall…

Very sad moment, no chance to get the car fixed fast enough to make the competition rounds, to be able to follow up on a very good qualifying and car setup, so that was our end of that FD event.

Moving forward, we brought home some pretty cool statistics after only my 3rd ever FD competition, a pretty nice reward for the work done to make the car competitive;

Qualify in top 8 – Check.
Qualify ahead of reigning World Champion – Check.
Qualify ahead of reigning Formula D Champion – Check.
Qualify ahead of a 2-time Formula D Champion – Check.
Qualify ahead of 2009 points leader – Check.
Qualifying speed full points – Check.

These facts bring some pretty solid determination to our upcoming efforts and expectations. You can easily say we have raised the bar and from here on drift life with the City Tire / Kallusive Clothing Formula Drift Team will get even more exciting.

Next stop and season finale is: Irwindale Speedway! To this round we will come armed with a new open lightweight straight single pipe exhaust (another 50lbs lost on the car), raw engine sound and more torque. Don’t miss it!!!!

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CTO Project 370Z

September 2nd, 2009 by john

Do we work on a lot of Nissan Z’s? Yes! But now we have a new Z Chassis to play with.. the 370Z! 

Charlie from Kallusive clothing ( and City Tire have been working on this new project for the past couple of months.


First and foremost is some new rubber. We decided to go all out for an upcoming track day, and wrapped his 19″ wheels with some Yokohama Advan Neova AD08. Considered the best performing tire in its class, the new AD08 is gripper and better in wet traction than its predeccesor (AD07). Another great advantage over tires in its class is that it lasts about 1 and a half times longer than the competition. Not to mention the 19″ sizing that they offer now!!!


With better tires.. we decided to go with some intense braking power. Stoptech big brake kit with 380mm rotors! It really filled up the front wheel with this set up. Looks and feels amazing. Hit us up if you are interested in any kind of brake work. Whether its OEM replacement, or a big brake kit such as this Stoptech kit we’ll get you oufitted in no time!


Now to get this project setup the right way for the weekends track event we needed suspension! The picture above is of our tech Oscar measuring out the KW Variant 3 coilover setup for the 370Z. KW has been a proven brand in performance and reliability on a various amounts of applications. Let us know what setup you’d like to go with and we can definitely point you in the right direction when choosing your suspension application.

With the new KW Variant 3 Coilovers and Stoptech Big Brake Kit installed, it was time for some ride height adjusting and alignment. All done in house!

Even Oscar has to appreciate all the hard work that was put into the car thus far. But the story doesn’t end here. There are some big plans for this project!


We would also like to take this time to thank Tanabe for using the 370Z as a test car to dress it up with a Touring Medallion Exhaust earlier this year. It sounds like a beast with a nice freeflowing exhaust. Quality parts as always from Tanabe!

Contact us anytime if you are interested in City Tire services for your car.


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