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October 2009
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Carl’s perspective on Formula Drift Irwindale

October 25th, 2009 by ctonews

 Carl’l perspective on Formula Drift Irwindale. 

“”FD Round 7 – Irwindale: DNS despite huge team effort  

Practice on Thursday started out well, better already in the first run than we ended practice last time out at Irwindale so quick fast learning curve as usual. The new exhaust is really good for the throttle response in the City Tire/Kallusive Clothing 350Z TT, which helps a lot especially up on the steep banking of Irwindale Speedway. I played around a little with lines, started to move higher up on the bank and in general felt very good about the precision of the car setup and the track layout. Traction as always hugely improved since we got the Carbonetic diff in the car and very smooth, saw a lot of jerkiness/shifty behaviour on the bank from other cars on the banking. Our City Tire/Kallusive Clothing Nissan 350Z TT was also looking good with Sam’s Autoland having taken care of painting some new AIT bodyparts for us.

To our great dismay our super strong engine started dropping oil pressure and making noise in the middle of my 5th or 6th run, I just had to abort and as I was rolling into the pits, there was some serious clonking going on, not good. We towed back to the team area and loaded up on the trailer to do some diagnostic work at the shop. At the end of Thu night, after discovering a pinched/seeping oil line and trying with the engine full of new oil we concluded this car won’t run without a new engine.

Fri morning the team gets started with the very able hands of Technosquare to swap the engine. Work progress went really well, by lunchtime the old engine was out and the new one about to be dropped in. By this time I had to head over to the drivers meeting and then just wait at the track for the team to show, worst case for 2nd round of qualifying but at least a shot to get into top 32.

It was a loong afternoon. As my fellow FD drifters were lining up to qualify, the team was reporting from the workshop – “wastegates on”, “exhaust on” etc and I was keeping them up to date with the progress of the qualifying which actually started a bit late. Ready with suit on and helmet in hand, I got to watch a lot of qualifying runs…

As 2nd cycle rolled around and the team was loading up over at Technosquare with the car now ready to rock again with a new engine, we all realized there’s no way they’ll make it through traffic on a Fri in LA in time to qualify. Anyway who knows, maybe someone releases a ton of oil on the track delaying the qualifying for clean-up – so the team kept moving anyway. However, 2nd cycle of qualifying went really fast and all of a sudden session is over – and our FD season is over. Not a great way to end it, sitting next to the track instead of in a car flying around the track, but absolutely nothing to do about it.

The team rolled in just as the autograph session started right after qualifying. After signing a huge amount of programs, helmets, t-shirts, bags etc – the line of fans was huge! – I head over with the team to setup our pit area, for the fans to see our car, and we stayed to watch and support our friend drivers at the track both Friday and Saturday.

Props for Matt Powers and Michael Essa for really doing well this event, I was sad to see fellow Z-drifter and Hankook driver Robbie get knocked out after some solid runs taking out already crowned 2009 FD Champion Chris Forsberg (congrats!).

Now, silly season is already at full speed. Even though most people take a week off from thinking too much about drifting after a busy season, it’s the big topic now who’s driving what car on what tires for what team next year. The FD Awards Banquet is tonight, it will not only be about trophies and awards but for sure also a huge gossip event…

From my side, there’s one or two more race events coming up this year before this motorsports season is fully ended, more news on that soon.

Thanks to FD for a well run professional show and thanks to all fans for showing up and just being great and enthustiastic at the races – it rubs off on everyone!

Thanks to everyone who supported our first year in FD and made our car really competitive already by mid-season, Hankook, Kallusive, Carbonetic, AIT Racing, APR, Technosquare, South Gate Collision, Sam’s Autoland, Endless, Zeal, Everitt Boles Motorsports Insurance, all the people involved – Chaz Kallusive – Justin (building on the car) – Carey (gearbox swap Atlanta) – Howard (engine swap).

Additionally from my side a huge huge thanks to City Tire Online!

See you on a track soon. Keep your eyes on this blog to know when and where.

Carl with the City Tire 350Z

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Formula D Irwindale this Fri and Sat!!!

October 14th, 2009 by john

This weekend will be the Finale for Formula Drift series 2009. Come check it out at the House of Drift – Irwindale Speedway!

 Come support Carl Rydquist driving the City Tire 350Z Twin Turbo.

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