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January 2010
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01.16.10 Gram Lights 57D invasion

January 26th, 2010 by john










Who’s next?


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Do you think CTO can air up a 285/30R20 stretch on a 20×13″

January 12th, 2010 by john


 After several attempts we were finally able to air this sucker up. 285/30R20 Falken FK-452 on an HRE wheel that measures 20×13″ So YES technically we were able to do what we were asked to do, and that is air this crazy stretch up.


But NO you should not be driving on this. There is about a 3/4″ gap between the tire bead and where it should be sitting on the wheel. This mysterious request was from Formula Drift world champion Chris Forsberg.

For what kind of car? A 350Z naturally… It’s a show car that Chris is helping out with. He was pretty floored that we were able to air it up after several attempts by himself and other tire shops. Later the customer decided to go with a 305/30R20. But we are still stretching with the best of them here at CTO!

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Porsche Day 01.09.10

January 12th, 2010 by john

It wasn’t intentional by all means, but some how we ended up with a few Porsches at our shop this past Saturday.


Our good friend Danny stopped by in the morning. He had purchased the coilovers and really needed a shop where he could install them. His car was in desperate need for a ride height change. Good bye rally Porsche!


Some of you may recognize Danny from our 24 Hours of Nürburgring trip. He is good friends with our driver Carl Rydquist (shown on the right working on his 996 Turbo).


Carl had also scheduled some garage time to put on some new rear camber arms and toe links on his 996 Turbo that we prepping for the 2010 Red Line Time Attack Season.


A few moments later, Jimmy from Attic swings by to do some fine tune adjustments on his Porsche… that’s what he says.. but I think he came by for the infamous CTO Shrimp Cocktails and Tostadas!


The garage area was looking pretty nice with three 911’s parked side by side.   


On the left is Carl’s Porsche after we put in the rear Camber Arms and Toe Links. On the right is Danny’s rally Porsche transformed into Street Beast! Looking much better.


Another pic of Danny’s Porsche, front end is really nice and low. We had to raise it a tad. But both Carl and Danny were admiring a side by side shot of their Porsches parked on our lot.














I <3 Porsche. 


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Alan’s 550i

January 8th, 2010 by john

Our good friend Alan, has been coming to CTO for a while now. Changing various setups on a couple pairs of wheels that he has. He came to us for some help on a track setup that would be reasonable for him to drive as a daily as well. He started off with Large Rotora brake kit and was having a difficult time finding a wheel that will give him enough clearance to do something semi aggressive.

First things first, in order for him to have the right stance in which he wanted, we installed a KW Variant 3 coil over kit to improve his handling around the track. It also will allow us to set a nice aggressive stance on the vehicle with the new wheel setup.

 After some advice, Alan wanted a light wheel that will still look great, be strong, and have enough clearance for the Rotor brake system to clear. This is what we came up with!  Volk VR. G2 in Formula Silver. Sized very aggressively they are 20×9.0 and 20×10 with Yokohama Advan Sports in 245/30R20 and 295/25R20.

The combo came out great, just what Alan was looking for. Really great stance and performance now!

Fitment is so close! We had to do a little fender trimming to get everything to fit perfectly flush while still be able to clear without any rubbing issues. Thanks Alan for bringing your car to CTO!

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